50s American Diner at Thorpe Park

We created a 2 hour loop of music tracks carefully selected from the 50s and early 60s. To add authenticity to the project, we recorded adverts from original 50s vinyl recordings, recorded bespoke DJ links, and wrote and recorded bespoke jingles for the “WTPR” Wonderful Thorpe Park Radio fictional radio station.

The original vinyl recordings really helped to shape this project – upon researching these, we found to our surprise that the kind of jingles played in this era used music not from the 50s or 60s, but more 30s and 40s big band style – this was many years before the radio stations were tailored to the younger generation, so they made jingles using the music they liked to listen to.

Starting with instrumental big band tracks, we wrote some lyrics and top-lines for the jingles, and then enlisted the help of our good friend Miss Noa Bodner to record the lead and arrange the harmony parts to bring these jingles to life. Mr Ian “Bobby” Champion added his american DJ voice acting skills to voice the links, and the whole thing was compiled into a 2 hour playback loop for Thorpe Park.

Have a listen to the 50s diner sample – we’re very pleased with the authenticity of this, as well as the huge talents of our vocalist and voiceover.