AIM Independent Music Awards

We handled all aspects of the sound design and mixing for the 2013 AIM Independent Music Awards. Firstly the intro music machine was sound designed and the background music was written and edited to fit. Subsequently, all of the individual nominees’ and winners’ showreels had intro and transitional sounds added, audio synced to picture for each of the videos, voiceovers added and finally mixed for playback.

All in all there were around 40 videos, many of which were also edited in our video post-production suite to enhance the timing of the transitions, fix last-minute rendering issues etc. that would have taken too long to re-render by the VFX team.

Voiceovers were supplied by BBC Radio 1 DJs and compiled and added to the showreels, which were then mixed for playback.

Here’s an example of one of the nominees’ showreels