Apps with No Sound Fix for iPhone and iPad

Certain apps with no sound? Some iPad apps have no sound due to simple problems. iPhone and iPad apps are always competing for the resources on your phone, and sometimes it all gets too much. Suddenly you’ll have an app with no sound, erratic behaviour, slowdown, or sometimes the app crashes completely. Usually this is because your device is low on memory because it’s trying to do too much at the same time. So here’s a few steps to try if your iPhone stops playing sounds. Before you start – is the “mute / silent switch” enabled on your device? Some apps route audio in a way that mutes the sound when the switch is enabled. Rookie mistake – we made that one with our early apps and always worth a try


blank Press the home button to come out of the app onto the home screen.
blank Double-tap the home button to show all the apps currently running on your phone. They’ll all appear at the bottom of the home screen. You can swipe across to see all the apps you had running at the same time… Quite a few?!
blank Press and hold one of the app icons in the bottom row until the icons start jiggling.
blank One by one close all the apps but tapping the little stop sign on the corner of the app icon. Don’t worry, it’s just like shutting down programs on a computer – you’re not deleting them, just exiting them.
blank Once you’ve closed them all, press and hold the Home and Lock buttons, then keep holding them. Your screen will eventually go black.. keep holding until the Apple logo appears.
Congratulations, you’ve exited all your apps and rebooted your iPhone. This solves 90% of problems with iPhones, in fact I tend to do this every night as it also helps with battery life and keeps the phone running smoothly the next day.


if you’ve got no sound on your iPad, you can also follow the steps outlined above as they apply to all iOS devices – iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch.

Also, there was a bug in an old Apple firmware update that added the ability to select the function of the side switch between mute and rotation lock. This bug affected the sound in some apps, and is very simple to fix. Simply go to Settings->General and switch the “Use side switch to” from whatever it’s set to, to the other option and back again. This should solve the problem with some apps that use sound. 20120408-160318.jpg

By Wimbledon Sound

Wimbledon Sound is an audio post production and sound editing facility in Wimbledon, London. Sound designer and mix engineer Peter Rolls offers a range of audio production and editing services including dialogue editing, sound design, tracklay and sound mixing for broadcast television and streaming / online.