Farm Heroes Saga – Rancid’s Revenge 360

Requires Chrome Browser for 360 Spatial Audio

Rancid Raccoon is at it again, but this time 360 video and audio on Facebook and YouTube.

This ad was created primarily for the Facebook360 platform, and was sound designed and mixed in Audio360 so the sound moves with the action.

We selected and edited the library music to fit the animation, designed and edited the sounds and then mixed the content in Audio 360 for the Facebook ad campaign which gained nearly 200,000 views in the first few days.

So what is “spatial audio”? Think of spatial audio as 3D sound for 360 videos. It’s an immersive sphere of audio meant to replicate how humans hear sound in real life, but delivered over headphones. As audiences move around in a 360 video, the sound moves around with them, helping to place them in the context of the scene.

When combined effectively, fully integrated visual and sonic perception work in perfect harmony that enables us to see, hear, feel and appreciate the beauty and richness of our world, or indeed beautiful or amusing artificial worlds.  Virtual reality already proved its effectiveness in video storytelling, gaming, educational training, social interaction and medical applications.  In order to make any of the above experiences successful, it requires a coherent approach of applying sound and visual content to make it as effective for its purpose as possible – more immersive, more authentic and as the result more engaging, more memorable, more empathetic, more fun and ultimately good enough to have a desire to come back and experience it again and again.

For mobile devices, visit the Farm Heroes Saga Facebook page inside the Facebook app on your device. The Facebook version is cross-platform. For YouTube you need a Chrome browser to enjoy the sonic benefits that 360 Spatial Audio can bring.
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