Fright Nights at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Fright Nights Sounds by Wimbledon Sound

We created a 4 hour loop of music tracks selected from various horror movie scores. Interspersed between these, every 3 or 4 tracks, are these “Interludes”. The theme of the season is “Thorpe Park Movie Studios”, with several horror films being screened in the park, so in keeping with this we created the interludes like mini film trailers.

With talented voice actor Guy Harris providing the raw voiceover reads, we created sound effects and processed everything in our sonic blender to give the interludes that horror movie feel.

Thorpe Park has many loudspeakers located around the site, so the playback system is mono. These interludes were created and mixed in mono, and the music tracks converted to mono to give them the highest impact on-site.

No animals or people were harmed in the making of these recordings, but some vegetables were!

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