Idiotic is a fun, sound recording, pitch changing music keyboard for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. With lots of crazy built-in sounds and the ability to record your own, start making Idiotic music today!

Unlike any other keyboard app, Idiotic has the most fun and silly sounds in the world. Farmyard sounds, fight sounds, opera singers, even a naughty bottom burp. It’s all here for you to play.

Slide the Pitch Control to make the sounds higher and lower and truly Idiotic

There are 20 sound banks built-in. From chickens to pianos, or record your own. With Idiotic, there’s no such thing as a wrong note. Unless you press the Idiotic button, then all the notes are wrong

Idiotic is truly the world’s silliest instrument.

Idiotic Sampling Keyboard Piano app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


– FREE music keyboard that records your voice!
– Record button to record your own Idiotic sounds
– 8 Super Colourful Keys
– 20 Fun Sound Banks from sound effects to vocals and instruments
– Pitch Control – keep in (or out!) of tune
– Idiotic button makes everything Idiotic!


DJ Europe is a comedy music act from Europe. He makes songs about home appliances and Christmas

Christmas Song

If you like Washing Machine, check out the Christmas song “Christmas Bells”

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