Moshi Twistmas Giveaway

What does it sound like when the big volcano in Moshi Monsters world erupts and sneezes out thousands of presents for Christmas? Have a look and find out! This was a fun project to work on, especially since I got to be that volcano. Character acting at its finest…

As with most of these ads, the animation arrives silent, so first we cut the music track to fit the duration of the ad. The next stage is to identify any sounds that need to be created – in this case the sneezing volcano. We went for a big deep and slightly dopey voice (it’s what I do best!) and combined that with a lot of other layers – earthquakes, whip pans etc to create the key moment of the ad as the Moshi Volcano erupts and sneezes out all of the presents for the moshlings.

Finally, the moshlings sounds for Katsuma, Purdey and the gang were added, and the voiceover edited and layered on top. With all of these ads, the trick is to give everything its space and still hit those R128 loudness targets for broadcast. We’re very happy with the result. Aaaaahhh-chooooooooo!