Moshis vs Ghosts

Employing all of my finest ghost, witch and werewolf voice acting skills, and armed with the padlock from the Wimbledon Studios cafe, the Moshis vs Ghosts advert was born.

For this Moshi Monsters Halloween campaign we selected the music and voiceover, created all the foley and sound effects and recorded all of the voices for the ghosts, witches and werewolves. Even Poppet’s little laugh was recorded here, then processed to fit with the Moshling sounds. I’m not proud that I can sound like a tiny pink female Moshling. Or am I?

The Wimbledon Studios Cafe padlock was also recorded to get the “belt clip” sound as Poppet suits up to fight the ghosts in the haunted house. One padlock, immortalised on film, forever… !