Motorbike Swipe



Motorbike Swipe brings the thrill and noise of motorbikes to your palm of your hand.

Swipe the tyre to rev, press the horn, and shake to screech the brakes!

There’s motorbikes, cars and even a truck and a push-bike to choose from, each with their own crazy horn, so you’ll be revving and swiping at your friends all day.


  • Motorbikes, cars, bikes and trucks each with their own unique horn sound
  • Shake or wave the phone to screech the brakes
  • Amazing realistic 3D tyre by Stas
  • Works with the engine off – perfect for office and school fun!
Available now, free on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch blank

By Wimbledon Sound

Wimbledon Sound is an audio post production and sound editing facility in Wimbledon, London. Sound designer and mix engineer Peter Rolls offers a range of audio production and editing services including dialogue editing, sound design, tracklay and sound mixing for broadcast television and streaming / online.