Press Release: Chillax – Relaxation, Meditation and Healing Therapy App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Released

Chillax – relaxation, meditation and healing therapy app for iPhone/iPod/iPad now available on the App Store

Wimbledon, London, 28th May 2012 — Wimbledon Sound are proud to present Chillax, our amazing relaxation app. Blending soothing music, gentle sounds and binaural beats, Chillax helps you unwind, de-stress and drift off into pure calm.

Life can be pretty busy these days and we never really have much time to switch off, chill out and unwind from the daily stresses that life throws at us. You might grab 5 minutes here, half an hour there and the last thing you want to be doing when time is limited is searching for a relaxation CD or some music on your iPod which will no doubt be something completely different by the time you’re just drifting off!

So what makes Chillax for iOS unique amongst the sea of relaxation tools out there?

With Chillax, just select the number of minutes you have available to Chillax and press start. Simple.

You can adjust the level of the music, sounds and binaural beats to suit your mood, so sometimes you might just want the sound of the sea for 10 minutes. Other times you’ll just want a calm piece of music for a couple of minutes before an important interview. You may even be conducting hypnotherapy sessions and want to have the music and sounds on for half an hour with a client. Whatever your needs, Chillax is designed with flexibility, relaxation and simplicity in mind.

Research suggests that binaural beats can help to achieve a relaxed state more effectively. Chillax incorporates a binaural beats generator with variable root frequency so that you can tune them to your favourite tone or to the music itself. The binaural beats help guide the brainwaves down from the waking state (alpha waves) to deep theta waves for a fully rejuvenating mental massage.

Just because life is busy, doesn’t mean there isn’t time to unwind. With Chillax, even relaxation itself just got simpler. Just press the start button and Chillax.

Chillax even fades the music, sounds and binaural beats in at the beginning of your journey and out at the end, so there’s no need to worry about being rudely awoken by a sudden stop or the next song on your iPod. If you have an iPhone, remember to turn your phone onto airplane mode so that you’re not disturbed mid-Chillax!

Chillax lets you continue to work at the same time as using the app, so you can relax to the gentle sounds of Chillax even during your working day to keep the stress levels way down low


iPhone / iPod Touch

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Chillax is the complete relaxation, meditation and healing therapy app. Used by hypnotherapists and relaxation experts, Chillax will help you to relax and unwind any time, anywhere. Due to the nature of this app, please do not drive or operate machinery while using Chillax.

Chillax – time to unwind.



Chillax from 1 to 90 minutes

Sometimes just closing your eyes for 60 seconds can be enough. Sometimes you need to recharge for a lot longer. With Chilax, you can choose how long you relax for using the main slider.


Relaxing Soundscapes

Chillax features many relaxing soundscapes, from the sound of rain on a window, to a crackling log fire. Mountain streams, waves at the beach and even pure pink noise for dedicated Chillaxers.


Soothing Music

From morning meditation to healing therapy, Chillax features several music pieces designed to help you unwind.


Binaural Beats

Research suggests that binaural beats can help to achieve a relaxed state more effectively. Chillax incorporated a binaural beats generator with variable root frequency so that you can tune them to your favourite tone or to the music. The binaural beats take you down from alpha to deep theta for a fully rejuvenating mental massage.


Sound Mixer

To make Chillax as versatile as possible, and because everyone is different, Chillax features a sound mixer where you can balance the levels of the music, sounds and binaural beats to taste. The volume sliders go all the way down to zero, so you can focus purely on one or two elements or create the perfect sonic mix for you.


iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch support

Chillax works natively on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. No need to squint at the screen or engage the x2 mode on your iPad.


Screen Dimmer

So that you don’t get distracted on your journey, Chillax automatically dims the screen, leaving just the operational controls highlighted.


Lock Mode

Just like your iPod, Chillax works even when the iPhone/iPad/iPod is locked, so you can set up your sonic journey and put the device in your pocket without the risk of being disturbed from your relaxation. We do of course recommend that you switch your iPhone onto Airplane mode to fully appreciate the Chillax experience without interruption.

Warning. Chillax uses soothing music, sounds and binaural beats to induce an extremely calm and relaxed state. Do not drive or operate machinery whilst using this app.

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