Sound Mix for TV


Broadcast Ready Sound Mixing

Audio mixing of production recordings, sound effects, foley, ADR, music for broadcast and online content. We have many years of experience and a great track record of delivering sound mixes for worldwide broadcast and online delivery. Our work includes many adverts, documentaries and are currently working on a feature film, as well as dozens of high-end online productions.

Whether you have most or all of the assets already in place and are looking for a simple dubbing mix to picture, or require more extensive sound design, music editing and audio mixing, we have the passion and expertise to make the best possible sound mix for your project

Experienced in mixing for changing international broadcast standards, our sound mixing and audio dubbing is ready for broadcast when it leaves our post-production suite. From a simple sound dub for a broadcast VT to complete sound reworking, voiceover and narration recording and mixing for broadcast, we can do all of this from our studio in Wimbledon.

Dubbing Suite for Sound Mixing

We have a fully treated audio dubbing and mixing room which, combined with an experienced engineer and high-end equipment, allows us to mix accurately and dynamically for film and TV, or more stridently for advertising and high impact online content. We have dubbed / mixed dozens of adverts and documentaries to international broadcast specification, as well as short films for film festivals and a multitude of high calibre online content.

We now mix all broadcast content to be compliant with R128 standard – that is, ITU BS.1770, including ATSC A/85 (the US), EBU R128 (Europe), OP-59 (Australia) and TR-B32 (Japan). Mixes delivered for the web are still mixed to this standard, and then boosted accordingly for playback on mobile devices.

By Wimbledon Sound

Wimbledon Sound is an audio post production and sound editing facility in Wimbledon, London. Sound designer and mix engineer Peter Rolls offers a range of audio production and editing services including dialogue editing, sound design, tracklay and sound mixing for broadcast television and streaming / online.