Toyota RAV4 – Push the Limit

For the powerful new Toyota RAV4 the client wanted to really emphasise the different terrains and environments more so than the car sounds themselves, so we went to town on the gritty, visceral sound design.

We built some crunchy dirt and dust sounds, water textures and air and wind effects bespoke for this piece and gave priority to these where possible to really place the view in the scene.

We also selected and stem-mixed the music track for this and the various cut-downs including the last-minute addition of the 4x4x4 titling at the end which worked great with the clave-pattern of the claps from earlier in the percussion.

From DavidReviews:
“The spectacle is enhanced by the tactile sound design, which incorporates engine growls, liquid spray, and slow-motion bike clicks. While the result may not be anything revolutionary, the craftsmanship on display is hard to ignore.”

That’ll do nicely.