Vocal Recording

We work with artists to create excellent vocal recordings for demos or release. With over a decade of recording and producing artists combined with top end microphones (Neumann U87, Shure SM7) and recording equipment (Avalon M5 pre, ProTools HD with Avid interface), we can record, comp and mix the lead and backing vocals for your track. We will capture the best vocal takes, and, as experts in vocal tuning, can subtly enhance the vocal performance to meet today’s requirement for pitch perfect delivery.

With many years of experience recording, comping, editing, tuning and perfecting vocals, we will deliver a pristine, perfectly tuned performance every time, even if you don’t! It’s all about the emotion and feeling of a performance, and sometimes timing and tuning can suffer as a result of an amazing delivery. In this instance we can use tuning and timing tools such as Melodyne, AutoTune (very, very lightly!) and Vocalign to sculpt the performance into something amazing.

Whatever music you’re making whether it’s hip-hop/R&B, pop, latin or EDM, a great vocal can make or break the production. Don’t let the vocal recording let you down – record with industry standard equipment in our studio and vocal booth and then take the vocals away and produce them yourself, or let our engineer do the job for you. you’ll be amazed at the difference a quality vocal recording in a proper studio can make.

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