Our studio provides everything you need for recording dialogue, voice-overs, interviews, directors’ commentaries, on-hold voice systems and all forms of spoken word content. We have a dedicated, acoustically treated vocal booth for the professional dry voiceover sound required for broadcast. Voiceovers recorded at Wimbledon Sound can be heard on TV and radio worldwide, as well as on-hold voices for telephone systems and dozens of online adverts, films and animated explainer videos.

You can also call in via Skype or phone to direct or monitor the session remotely, in case you can’t make it on-site for the recording, or have additional clients located elsewhere.

We also work with a select group of high-calibre voice artists, with whom we can turn your script into a fully mastered voiceover recording ready to go right into your edit. No fuss, no messing around and fast turnaround. You provide the copy, and we’ll return to you a finished, broadcast quality voiceover without all the usual back-and-forth. Most of the voiceovers we record on-site are narration, with the majority of our advertising VOs now recorded remotely and supplied to you as a finished WAV file, ready for your edit. Most of the studio recordings have less processing as this is usually decided by the mixer.

Not only that, but the cost is surprisingly competitive as well. We produce the voiceover properly once, and rarely have any cause to re-record, although amends, within reason, are included. Contact us for more information.

The voiceover you choose can really make a huge difference to your project, whether it’s a documentary, online editorial, or TV advert. We can work with you to source, record, edit and mix the voiceover to broadcast specification or for online delivery. Get in touch to chat about your project and we’ll get started today.