Washing Machine

Do you LOVE laundry and want to celebrate wash-day? Do you HATE laundry and wish that wash-day was more fun? Are you INDIFFERENT to laundry? Whatever your view on laundry, welcome to the world of Washing Machine!!

Washing Machine Song App Features

– FREE Fun Washing Machine App with song!
– 3 wash cycles to get your clothes nice and clean
– 3 spin cycles with realistic vibrating Washing Machine action
– Realistic rotating clothes
– Fun, sing-a-long Washing Machine song
– Jump to any part of the music at the touch of a button
– Accurate RealLED(tm) display mimics real LED displays!

Washing Machine app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

DJ Europe is a comedy music act from Europe. He makes songs about home appliances and Christmas

Christmas Song

If you like Washing Machine, check out the Christmas song “Christmas Bells”

By Wimbledon Sound

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