Sometimes it’s not possible to re-record your sound and it’s necessary to work with what you have. Using an array of high-end processing tools and years of experience we can resurrect even the most “lost” audio recordings. Pops, clicks, crackles, mouth-noises, background noise, even the sound of the room itself can be reduced or removed to make the recording usable once more.
Our audio restorations have been used by such prestigious clients as Abbey Road Studios, and we have even fooled one of their engineers into believing that we had supplied a new master recording after cleaning up the original recording with our array of manual and automated processing tools and, dare I say superhuman hearing!

Whether you’re restoring old movies, archiving rare vinyl content, cleaning production dialogue or just wanting to improve the original recording, we can make the unusable… useable. We can even tune vocal performances, whether individual or as part of a group.

Modern noise removal tools can achieve very powerful results when used properly for audio restoration. Improper use can lead to digital artefacts and smearing of the recording, so knowing what to use and how much is important, as is when to use more traditional noise removal techniques such as EQ, multi-band compression, gating and the like. We can even remove the sound of the room from the recording – it’s quite amazing what is possible – so before you give up on a sound recording, get in touch and let’s see if we can help bring it back to life.