Sound inspired mobile apps. Only for iOS.

Technical limitations prevent us making these for Android at this time.

FREE Digital Clapperboard App
Swipe or volume buttons to clap
Double tap board to edit
Drag up and down to change values
Music Mode (IAP) for seamless music video sync
Black or white clapperboard
Time of day, shoot time, scene name or timecode in frames
All common frame rates supported including 29.97 and 59.94 drop and non-drop
Multi-camera sync mode
Selectable clapper sounds, count-in and soft-clap

Washing Machine
Washing Machine

FREE Fun Washing Machine App with song!
Now available in HD on The New iPad Retina Display
3 wash cycles to get your clothes nice and clean
3 spin cycles with realistic vibrating Washing Machine action
Realistic rotating clothes
Fun, sing-a-long Washing Machine song
Jump to any part of the wash cycle at the touch of a button
Accurate RealLED(tm) display mimics real LED displays!
It’s FREE!!


FREE Relaxation, meditation and healing therapy for iOS
as featured on Sky News
Relaxing Soundscapes
Soothing Music
Binaural Beats
Sound Mixer
Save/Load Favourites
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch support
Screen Dimmer
Lock Mode


FREE Rinzai Zen meditation for iOS
as featured on Sky News
Mindfulness of the breath meditation
Genuine Zen Master Buddhist monk
Journey from 21 to 90 minutes
Relaxing Soundscapes
Binaural Beats
Sound Mixer
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch support
Screen Dimmer
Lock Mode

Dancetime Deluxe

Complete dancing app for iPhone iPod and iPad
Retina Display support
Dance practice rhythms for dancers, choreographers and musicians
26 different dance practice rhythms
Each is an 8 bar percussive loop – tracks last as long as your battery!
Fully adjustable tempo from very slow to very fast
Counting track in either standard or bars mode (8 bars)
Tempo in bars per minute and beats per minute
Website with links to carefully selected music tracks for practicing
Restart button to help you sync the app with music to deduce the BPM


FREE sampling music keyboard
Retina Display support
Record button to record your own sounds
8 Super Colourful Keys
20 Fun Sound Banks
Pitch Control – keep in (or out!) of tune
Idiotic button makes everything out of tune.
From farmyards to fighting...
Truly Idiotic.

Motorbike Swipe

FREE motorbike sound app.
Motorbike noises in the palm of your hand!
Swipe to rev the engine
Sound the horn
Shake to skid
Runs with the engine on or off
Realistic 3D tyre
No helmet required.
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch support