Some more of the projects created in our audio post production facility in Wimbledon, London. We create and edit sound design and music, record and produce voiceovers, and sound mix for TV and web.

Farm Heroes Saga – Rancid’s Revenge 360

This ad for Farm Heroes Saga - Rancid's Revenge was created for the Facebook360 platform, and was sound designed and mixed in Audio360 so the sound moves with the action.

Nitro Warriors – Metal

Lotus Esprit attempts to deftly outmanoeuvre all enemies in its path, including a couple of cunning twin predator Chevrolet Camaro's and a menacing Lamborghini. But at the end of the road darker forces await...

Jaguar F-Type

The New Jaguar F Type, an incredible film shot in high frame rate to capture a single moment in time. See and hear the environment interact with this stunning car like never before.

Top Trumps – Dinosaurs

From the roar of a performance sports car to the roar of a dinosaur, it's all here in the Top Trumps universe. Sound design and mixing for TV and online.

Ronaldo – Give Blood Campaign

This piece for the Give Blood campaign was created using mainly sound design and music elements inter-playing rhythmically with the foley football kicks and impacts to create a visceral experience of syncopation and pulsating sound design layers.

Chevrolet Camaro

This piece for the new Camaro was made Using a mixture of wild-track audio from the shoot, sound design layers and library sounds as well as some bespoke music creation.

Huawei Advert with the F2 Freestylers

Shown both online and in the stadium, this advert for Huawei (wah-way) combined subtle foley and sound design with some serious sonic trickery...

The Grand Master

Travelling to Okinawa to meet one of the top Grand Masters in Japan, this brand film looks at his life, and what the learning and teaching of Karate means to him.

Until Dawn – Binaural Series

This series was designed to make you feel like you're in the place of the main character using binaural recording techniques. Binaural sound recording is two-channel audio, similar to stereo sound, however the recording microphones are placed in the outer ear.

Black Diamond BDTV – Ep.1 One Seven Eight

How do you create a life that balances work, family and your passion for the mountains? In the first episode of BDTV, we travel to Jämtland, Sweden, where Henrik Westling recently became the first person to climb and ski every one of the region's 178 summits.

Habbo 15th Birthday Bonanza

We designed the sounds and mixed this advert for the Habbo 15th Birthday Bonanza. Epic, massive sounds and lots of fun. Our sound design studio in London provides the bedrock for animation to come alive.

Virgin Active – Tough Mudder

Slow motion mud sound design for the Virgin Active Tough Mudder training classes. Tough Mudder is an endurance event series in which participants attempt 10–12-mile-long (16–19 km) military-style obstacle courses

Childhood Trust Summer Give

This was very much a story told through simple and powerfully bleak imagery and underpinned by emotive sounds to really bring the piece to life.

Fool Me Once (Book Trailer)

Working with Spindle Productions to create a unique book trailer soundtrack for this novel "fool me Once" by Harlan Coben. Bespoke music, sound design and mix.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Infographics with studio sound design to enhance the presentation. Hear the difference a day in the studio can make to animated content.

Nissan Juke Lapland Race

Challenged to race a team of Huskies in Lapland in the middle of winter, Nismo had to rebuild the JUKE RS into something even more special... Introducing the JUKE RSNOW!

NHS 111 TV Advert

Sound design, edit and mix on this advert for the NHS 111 telephone service.

Brace for Impact

Volvo safety film for the New York Times' "T Brand Studio". Filmed, edited and produced by Spindle Productions with some additional sound design, dialogue editing and sound mix by us.

Hot Wheels & Nitro Warriors

We sound designed and mixed the music and SFX on this incredible stop-frame / go-motion animated film for Hot Wheels & Nitro Warriors - Dare to Connect

Wave 105

Sound design and mix on this infographic for Wave 105 radio station. Designed and animated by our on-site animation team.

Harrods Colour Explosion

With powder paint exploding at over one thousand frames per second, this art piece for Harrods conveys the rite of passage of the powerful paint warrior.

Apple Home Improvements TV Ad

TV ad created in-house for Apple Home Improvements. Produced, designed, animated, then sound design and character voices added and mixed for TV and web.

50s American Diner at Thorpe Park

Music, DJ links and 2 hour music loop created bespoke for Thorpe Park's 50s/60s American Diner installation. Using bespoke productions as well as original recordings to create an authentic radio experience.

Sound for Animation

Animation is one of the most creative art-forms in the world today. With the limits being only the boundaries of the designers imagination, the possibilities are endless, as present a unique challenge for sound designers

Despicable Me 2

We delivered over 40 TV ads for Despicable Me 2 from many different video edits. These had differing voiceovers for Out Now and Out Monday as well as some unique retailer tagging.

Gran Turismo 6

We created the music bespoke, added it to the ad and then mixed the ad for broadcast.

USA Pro TV Advert

I created and produced the music track (BZerQ - Style) that was licensed and used in this USA Pro TV advert.

Moshi Twistmas Giveaway

The great Twistmas Giveaway at Moshi Monsters, complete with sneezing volcano, voiced right here by me in the studio in Wimbledon.

Kick Ass 2

UK TV advert for Kick Ass 2 on Blu Ray and DVD.
Sound mix and audio dubbing for broadcast.

Eddie Izzard

Trailer for Eddie Izzard's "Force Majeure Live" DVD Release. Voiceover production and dubbing for online.

Moshis vs Ghosts

It's Halloween at Moshi Monsters, and I'm voice acting as witches, ghosts, ghouls and werewolves! Keep an ear out for Poppet's little laugh too...


Trailer for the forthcoming Dust Force platform game. Re-cut the music and then added lots of spot sfx for all the characters.

Fright Nights at Thorpe Park

We created the music loop and film director soundbites for Fright Nights at Thorpe Park. Scary halloween voiceover and sound design in our post production suite

Nismo Vs. Wingsuit

Sound design, music edit and sound mix / dub on this incredible film (and other mini-documentaries) for Nismo TV.

Sports Direct Old Bag TV Ad

"Old Bag" TV Advert for Sports Direct filmed and edited by Want Some Media, and sounds by Wimbledon Sound at Wimbledon Film and TV Studios.

Prangsta “Alive”

Sound design and sound mix on this short fashion film for Prangsta.

E4 E-Sting

Sound design and sound mix on this London themed cool and quirky animated 3D sting for an E4 competition.

Bourne Legacy

Audio post production for the Bourne Legacy DVD and Blu Ray UK TV Adverts. Sound design, voiceover and audio mixing for broadcast.

Spring Breakers

Television commercial for Spring Breakers DVD and Blu Ray release. We recorded the voiceover, then provided the sound mix to picture for broadcast.

Murder in Paradise

Voiceover, sound mixing and music supervision for the pilot episode of this new documentary series for CBS Reality.

AIM Independent Music Awards

We handled all aspects of the sound design and mixing for the 2013 AIM Independent Music Awards nominees, winners and speeches showreels.

The Great Moshi Beanstalk

What's at the top of the great Moshi Beanstalk? Here's our latest sound mix for Mind Candy's awesome Moshi Monsters.

Identity Thief

Sound edit and mix for the Identity Thief TV Ads for Universal Pictures. The first of many for our fantastic new client.

NIsmo Lab

Created for Nissan Motorsport's Nismo Lab installation, we created the music, and designed and mixed the sound fx.

Nissan ZEOD RC

Created for the pre-launch of the new Nissan ZEOD RC electric race car, we designed the sounds from scratch with no production recording supplied.

Nissan Leaf

NIssan Leaf electric car promo video. Produced, shot, edited and all video and audio post-production at WImbledon Media Village, a collective of creative companies located in Wimbledon Film and TV Studios.

Play Moshi TV Ads

Moshi Monsters Play Moshi TV Advert campaign. Audio post production - sound design, edit and sound mix for international broadcast at Wimbledon Sound.

Ronaldo Footy

Brief: To create a piece of music for the promotional video of the new Ronaldo Footy game. We created something tribal that invoked images of weaving around a football pitch.

The Third Space

Music created bespoke from a treatment for The Third Space gyms. Brief – use “found sounds” in the home, then the office, then transition into a rhythmic house-style track.


Sound design, VO cleanup, music edit and sound mix. This video was created by fellow Wimbledon Studios residents in one of many collaborations between the creatives in the Media Village.

Moshlings Theme Park

This one was a lot of fun... Rollercoasters, tracks, fireworks, twangs and bangs. Sound design, music edit, VO edit and sound mix.

Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters is an online world of adoptable pet monsters with over 80 million registered users in 150 territories worldwide. We design, edit and mix sounds and music for their TV adverts.

Marley DVD and Blu Ray TV ad

UK TV ads for "Marley", the amazing story of Bob Marley's life on DVD and Blu Ray. Music edit, talking head sound edits and sound mix for broadcast.

Guinness – Fly Guinness Class

Guinness "Fly Guinness Class" campaign. Music edit, sound edits, restoration of dialogue and final sound mix.

Ministry of Sound and Nissan Juke

BZerQ – Style created and mixed here by Peter Rolls and used by Nissan and Ministry of Sound on this fantastic video produced by WantSomeMedia

Hour of Victory TV Ad

Music composition, sound design, voiceover and mix. Shown on the History Channel. The 5s edit was used as the ident around the entire series of Band of Brothers.
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