Chillax is the ultimate one-button relaxation app for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

When you’re stressed out, can’t sleep or just need some time to yourself, searching through your music library is the last thing you want to do. That’s why we made Chillax.

Open the app, and press Play. It really is that easy.

Chillax uses a unique combination of relaxing sounds of nature, soothing music and binaural beats to gently ease you into a state of relaxation and calm. As you’d expect from Wimbledon Sound, the quality of the music and sounds is excellent, with everything playing seamlessly for as long as you need.


– Works on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
– Multiple soundscapes and music tracks to choose from
– Chillax time selectable from 1 to 90 minutes, or even infinite playback – just set it up and relax
– Save your favourite combinations of music, sounds, beats and journey time
– Binaural Beats with adjustable tone to aid relaxation
– Fade in and out so that you gently enter and return from your relaxation
– Set the levels of the music, sounds and binaural beats to suit you
– Works with the device locked, just like the iPod music player

Chillax relaxation meditation app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Chillax is great when you’re having trouble sleeping – in fact the reason we included the binaural beats is that there is significant scientific evidence to show that these frequencies can help slow down your mind and induce a more relaxed, meditative state.


Chillax featured on Sky News Swipe

Binaural Beats

So what are binaural beats? They are a psycho-acoustic effect created by the brain when you hear a different tone in each ear. If you put a tone of say 300Hz in one ear and 310 Hz in the other ear, the brain produces a phenomenon resulting in low-frequency pulsations as the difference between the two tones. Research suggests that binaural beats may be used to aid relaxation, and are often used in meditation. The waking, alert mind generates higher frequency brain waves, and as you become more relaxed and restful, the frequencies will get steadily lower. Chillax generates these tones in each ear, to gently guide the brain waves from alpha down to deep theta waves found in meditative and relaxed states.

By Wimbledon Sound

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