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Harrods Colour Explosion

Harrods Colour Explosion


When acclaimed photographer turned filmmaker Iain Crawford came to us to sound design his latest project, we were simply blown away by the images. All super high frame rate video shot on the Photron camera. Simply stunning.

Iain wanted to work with an editor who would really understand the art of the piece and relay the narrative, so we called upon Leigh “Firebelly” Brooks to do what he does best – cut something amazing.

We chose a piece of music to get the ball rolling and then off into the dark world of the edit went this wonderful art piece.

Days later and it was our turn. The question remaining to be answered… what exactly does powder sound like exploding at over one thousand frames per second?! This was one of the most interesting and challenging riddles we have yet solved in sound design. We think you’ll agree, it’s simply breathtaking.

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