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Hot Wheels & Nitro Warriors

Hot Wheels & Nitro Warriors


Hot Wheels & Nitro Warriors – Dare to Connect is a stop-frame / go-motion animated film created by Vanguard Pictures. We were asked to provided sound design for this film and edit and mix the sound design with the music score.

The brief was to create something truly epic – despite the Hot Wheels cars’ diminutive size, we wanted to make them sound huge, powerful and bring a real sense of speed and intensity to the film.

Using a vast library of sounds and a lot of sound generating tools, we created a palette of drive by’s, whooshes and impact effects to make every shot sizzle and sparkle.

Layer upon layer of sounds were generated, recorded, sculpted and processed to create a sonic landscape as powerful as the film itself.

We hope you enjoy watching this short film as much as we enjoyed making it. Now we’re off to get the track set up for another race…!