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Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type


The New Jaguar F Type. An incredible car, filmed and edited with cutting edge technology by a fantastic team. Seasoned Top Gear content creators, the bar was set very high for this project.

Above is the Director’s Cut of the film, with all our favourite scenes intact.

As with all high frame-rate video, answering the question of “what does this sound like” or “how should this moment make the viewer feel” is the challenge and real fun of the sound design process. Every moment, every visual cue must be crafted, and some new tools were needed to bring out the best of the elements in this film.

For starters, we worked with a particle generator to take single points of sound and generate flows of sound emissions. This is a relatively new technology, and it allows us to create soundscapes that were relatively unreachable before due to the complexity of creating, for example, 1000 individual tracks of sounds to represent water droplets.

Now only imagination is the limit, and we were able to create unique signatures and textures for many of the shots in the film using this technique, combined with traditional sound design elements, warped and mangled library sounds and filtered and modulated effects to make something truly unique.

Features and Benefits Films

A departure from the heavily designed sonic aesthetic of the main film, the sound design for these films was more naturalistic, with track lay of engine sounds, natural atmosphere, road noise etc being key to the sense of realism. If we’ve done our job well here, the only “designed” sound you’ll hear will be the obvious sound effects like call-out text etc, despite the whole soundtrack being created from various recordings of the car and others created or sourced from our library of sounds to sweeten and enhance the mix. The magic of television…!




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Commercial Version

Some of our favourite sound design scenes didn’t make the final cut, so here’s the release version of the commercial, edited and mixed up at Grand Central Studios.