Nismo Vs. Wingsuit

Sound design, music edit and sound mix / dub on this incredible wingsuit film produced right here in the studios (although filmed most definitely in the Alps) for Nismo TV. Also sorted the sound assets, recorded the voiceover for the Jukeride Analysis film and dubbed both of the additional Behind the Scenes and #jukeride Analysis films for web.

The wingsuits sound design was created using a variety of white noise and wind sounds running through a crazy array of filters, distortions and modulations. The key for us was to make it sound as real as possible, even though the edit came in to us completely silent. We tried to keep a nice balance between the rush of the wingsuits and the roar of the 370Z, whilst maintaining the sense of thrill and pace. We’re especially happy with the slow motion scenes where we’ve created an artificial “heartbeat” of blood pressure, pulsing through the wingsuit flyer, and then the deep pulse of the 370Z as it thunders around the road… it’s alive!

Music for the main film created bespoke by the one and only Mark Hill of Artful Dodger fame.

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Behind the Scenes

#jukeride Analysis


See the 370Z Nismo in action as Peter Pyzera meets up with legendary wingsuit athlete Dave Barlia for a breathtaking challenge in the Swiss Alps.

For the last 5 years GT Academy has been transforming the world’s top gamers into professional racing drivers. Through Nismo Lab, Nissan’s team of performance coaches are continually developing new techniques to push these Nismo athletes to their limits. Now the next chapter in this story has begun…

Jukeride is a unique analysis tool. For the first time it is allowing us to monitor biometric and telematics data from a wingsuit athlete, discovering what it takes to master this incredible feat of mental strength. Together with our coaches, Peter and his fellow Nismo athletes will apply these techniques to their training programmes, helping them to improve their performance and become the very best.

By Wimbledon Sound

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