Great sound design can make all the difference to film, TV, games and online content.

We are experienced in making sounds (SFX) for all manner of live action and animated content, from monsters to vehicles, sports to logos. From natural foley recording to bespoke audio effects design for animation, in our London sound design studio we can create the perfect sound for the moment.

What makes us different? Of course we have a vast sound library and the latest tools, but we create moving, emotionally rich sound design. Layers that change over time, with a musicality and soul that come from years of experience in the creative arts from songwriting and music production, to dance teaching and practice, and traveling the world, experiencing cultures and environments to bring inspiration back to the studio.

We know that in a crowded world it is ever more difficult to make brands stand out. So we work with you to understand the true message and fundamental feeling of your work, as a filmmaker, director or editor, to enhance and communicate to the audience in a way that truly captivates.

Often overlooked, we feel that sound design is one of the most important aspects of post production. We are experts at spotting sound effects to picture, track-laying, and mixing for broadcast worldwide, so your project is in safe hands.

From adverts to animated infographics, adding well designed sound effects will set your content apart and give it the polish and finish that it deserves.

What makes us different? Our sound designer and sound editor, Peter Rolls, has a background in music production, dance teaching (yes, really!) and is an experienced voice actor and foley artist for animation, so this gives him a unique perspective on rhythm and timing as well as the ability to create foley and sounds not available anywhere else.

For added immersion and realism, why not experiment with binaural recording to add an extra dimension to your content. Sound recorded from the perspective of the listeners ears add a third dimension to the sound that’s not possible to achieve using even the latest processing technologies using just normal stereo headphones. Get in touch to find out more.