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Top Trumps – Dinosaurs

Top Trumps – Dinosaurs


Great fun working on this ad for Top Trumps. From editing and mixing the dialogue, to performance car and dinosaur sound design.

The dinosaur stomp and roar were the most intensive sound design moments, despite being only a few seconds of screen time. The foot crunch had to be big, and the roar needed to be as big as its owner. Layers of various animals and processed sounds to create his “not too scary” voice.

Lots of nice touches to the mix here, like the echo on the little lad’s voice when he calls out the height of the dinosaur… We loved working on this advert.

This advert was post-produced in collaboration with our good friend Stanislav “Stas” Shcherbakov (Stas3DArt), who created both the dinosaur and the car, so all of that was handled in-house. Get in touch to find out what other aspects of post production we can offer all under one roof.