Until Dawn – Binaural Series


Inspired by Until Dawn, this series of videos puts you in the shoes of someone trying to escape from a psycho in a remote cabin. You’ll have to make decisions on how to escape their clutches and every decision could be life or death.

This series was designed to make you feel like you’re in the place of the main character using binaural recording techniques. Binaural sound recording is two-channel audio, similar to stereo sound, however the recording microphones are placed in the outer ear. These outer microphones record the sound as you hear it, including all the tiny reflections from your ear that help your brain to locate sounds around you. When listening back using headphones, your brain ‘hears’ all of this information and the result is an incredibly realistic, three-dimensional sound. Best experienced with good quality headphones.

We used a set of closely matched, high-end binaural microphones placed in the ears of the sound recordist to capture this ultra-realistic experience of being hunted in the woods by a masked stranger. Recorded on location in Wimbledon and London, these are some of the scariest binaural sound recordings you’ll here. Keep clear if you’re expecting relaxing ASMR triggers!

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