We work on film, TV, radio, corporate and personal projects from short promo videos, voiceover recording or production, sound design, track-lay and sound mix and final delivery for broadcast or online.

Sound Design

From natural foley recording to bespoke effects design for animation, we can create the perfect sound for the moment. With a vast audio library and sonic toolset at our disposal we will create a soundscape that brings the visuals to life.

Sound Mixing for TV and Online

We have a fully treated audio dubbing and mixing room which, combined with an experienced engineer and high-end equipment allows us to mix accurately and dynamically for film and TV, or more stridently for advertising online.


From audio books, narration and voiceovers, we have extensive experience working with voice actors to achieve the perfect performance. Use one of our select few artists or one of your own, attended or dial in via Skype or phone.

Audio Restoration

Using an array of high-end processing tools and years of experience we can resurrect even the most “lost” audio recordings. Pops, clicks, crackles, mouth-noises, background noise, even the sound of the room itself can be reduced or removed completely.

Music Composing and Production

With over a decade of experience writing, recording and mixing music we now have a decent catalogue of tracks that can be used in your project. We don’t make royalty-free music, we make cool bespoke tracks. Alternatively we can help you select and edit music from one of the online royalty-free music libraries, and even remix and augment the music to suit.

360 Spatial Audio

When combined effectively, fully integrated visual and sonic perception work in perfect harmony that enables us to see, hear, feel and appreciate the beauty and richness of our world. We create, edit and mix Facebook 360 and YouTube Spatial Audio and Music.
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