Wimbledon Sound is a recording studio in London providing award winning sound design, voiceover recording, audio post production, sound mixing and audio dubbing for the film, TV, gaming and creative industries.

We record voiceovers, create and edit music, design sound effects and combine them with video to make vibrant and engaging content for film, television and online.

Our recording studio in London offers sound design, voiceover and vocal recording, dialogue editing, dubbing, audio restoration, music composition, binaural recording and sound mixing.

Get in touch to hear the difference that good audio post production, voiceover and audio design can make.

Music Composing Voiceover Recording Studio Audio Post Production London Wimbledon

Sound Design

We create award winning sound design for TV, film and high quality online videos. We specialise in sound for animation, branding, TV commercials and creating unique and engaging content for advertising, TV and film.
Audio Mixing Dubbing Mixer Vocal Booth Voiceover Recording Sound Studio Audio Post Production London Wimbledon

Audio Dubbing

We have years of experience providing the sound balance and mix for TV and audio dub for television commercials, radio and online videos. Sound mixes are compliant to the latest standards, for example R128 for broadcast TV.
Vocal Booth Voiceover Recording Studio Audio Post Production London Wimbledon

Voiceover Recording

Voiceover, narration and vocal recording in our vocal booth. The booth is sound-proof and is perfect for voiceovers and commentary recordings as well as singing and audio books. Skype or phone dial-in available.
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